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San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
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A Hotel With History: The Argonaut Hotel Includes The SF Maritime National Historical Park's Visitors Center And Interactive Museum

It's hard to imagine a better location for the Argonaut hotel. Housed in the century-old Haslett warehouse, we have San Francisco's vibrant past infused into every corner our all-brick building. That's especially true when you consider that the national park's Visitors Center and Interactive Museum is located right within our four walls. Kimpton Hotels set aside 10,000 square feet here to incorporate the Visitor's Center so our guests and visitors could experience artifacts, lectures and interactive displays that bring this area's celebrated history alive. This is where you can do everything from view vintage navigation equipment to experience a sensory "A Walk Along The Waterfront" exhibit that recreates the sights and sound of the wharf's Golden Era.

Beyond the Visitors Center, there's more to explore in the park. Want to go back in time and raise sails on an historic schooner and sing sea chantys? Check. Just head to Hyde Park Pier where gracious sailing-era ships such as the Balclutha and CA Thayer are moored. There are also ranger-led tours of the park and guided historic walking tours of the waterfront. Or you can simply stroll the quiet paths and picnic on the lawn and take in the incredible Bay views and breathe the fresh, briny air.

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