Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Discover the Golden Gate Bridge, up close and personal

If you've ever dreamt of walking or enjoying a leisure ride on an open top bus, The Argonaut Hotel is the perfect place to start. Have a truly unique San Francisco experience on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

Ever wanted to bike that uniquely orange structure across San Francisco Bay? You can! You can bike the Golden Gate Bridge every day, year-round, and enjoy a truly spectacular view that few people will ever have.

There are two paths that can be taken across the Golden Gate Bridge. Of the two, one is the more frequently taken path, on the eastern side of the bridge. Here, bike access to the Golden Gate Bridge is limited to the hours of 5:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. On the weekends, you can bike across only in the evening hours and overnight (from 6:00 PST or 9:00 pm PDT). The path on the western side of the Golden Gate Bridge is only for cyclists and only during the hours when the eastern path is closed to bikes.

Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

Experience 1.7 miles of walking like nothing you've ever experienced before: walk across the Golden Gate Bridge! You can cross the bridge on foot, and see sights that most people will rarely view – you'll have a bird's eye view on the harbor, the city and Marin County.

Walking access to the Golden Gate Bridge is available daily, from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm PST or 9:00 pm PDT on the eastern side of the bridge only. In the morning, during the week, you'll be sharing the pathway with bicyclists, so if walkers only is more your style, you should plan on walking in the afternoon, after 3:30 pm, or on the weekend. Please note, there are no pedestrians allowed to walk across the bridge after posted hours, or overnight.

Golden gate bridge with birds flying over

Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge

Beyond the city of San Francisco, there is a whole lot of California to see. Once you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll be in Marin County. Here, you can visit the Marin Vista Point Trail, offering perfect skyline views of San Francisco (as long as there is no fog!).

Beyond that, there is Hendrik Point, which offers access to various former military batteries. If you're on your bike, and you're up for another 11 miles, you can visit Muir Woods National Monument, home of the redwood trees. You can also get there if you walk across, and want to take public transport up to the park.